Meet the Bostons-Their Surgical Experience!

Surgery day for the Bostons was exciting! The morning began with reviewing consent forms and post-operative instructions, then Donnie was up first for his procedure. Each LASIK patient is administered a light oral sedative to help them relax and take the edge off any anxiety, it also helps with a post-op nap! Donnie looked terrific in his surgical bonnet and was walked back to the suite personally by Dr. Silvera who reviewed his treatment plan with him before beginning. The procedure begins by administering topical numbing drops after which point the patient is positioned beneath the femtosecond laser which creates the corneal flap. This is the more lengthy part of the procedure and can take several seconds per eye. A small suction device is placed over the eye to hold it still and steady as the laser makes the flap. Once this has been done to each eye, the bed gently swivels over to the second laser, the excimer laser, which treats the prescription. More numbing drops are administered on the way over to the second laser and treatment plan is once again confirmed with the doctor and laser technician. A small tool is used to gently lift the hinged corneal flap and lay it over to the side so treatment can begin. Donnie was asked to look directly at a green light and his prescription was corrected in seconds! The final part of the procedure involves gently laying the corneal flap down into its original position and smoothing it out. Afterwards, the patient is able to sit up and head to the recovery room to once again review post-operative instructions. Both Donnie and Alicia were already able to tell an improvement in their vision immediately after surgery, especially Alicia after her high near-sighted prescription was eliminated! Patients are given a pair of sunglasses to wear all weekend long to prevent accidental bumping or rubbing of the eyes. A few hours after surgery, Dr. Silvera sees each patient to ensure they are doing well. Just hours after their procedures, both Donnie and Alicia were seeing 20/20!


Check out the photos from their procedures to include a look inside our brand new surgery suite at Valley Surgery Center!